Paul J Cooper

Paul Cooper is a recognised expert in the field of construction insurance. In a career spanning over 30 years, he has a proven track record for leading teams and developing businesses, applying his trademark passion, care and integrity to everything he does.

Starting in the construction business, Paul has learned the trade from the ground up, giving him valuable insight into the challenges and requirements of the industry and those who work in it.


Moving in to the niche sector know as Latent Defects Insurance (or New Home Warranty) gave him the opportunity to harness his experience and provide specialist advice and expertise in a complex arena.

As a Partner of Lockton Companies LLP, and Head of Checkmate, Paul has established himself as an industry expert with an innovative customer focused offering.

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Building (FCIOB - Chartered Construction Manager) and a Member of the Society for the Environment (CEnv - Chartered Environmentalist), Paul’s drive and desire to deliver the best results in the best way, is apparent in everything he does.


Paul is somebody who relishes challenges in both his work and personal life, grabbing every opportunity with confidence and dynamism, and always retaining a principled approach to whatever he takes on.

His deep-rooted connection with the environment and conservation issues has inspired him to deliver unique industry innovations, including transformational online platforms, collaborative tree-planting programmes and the launch of the first and only carbon neutral business in the sector.

A love of wildlife in general (and big cats in particular) led to a 17-year strong relationship with the Big Cat Sanctuary where he is an active member of the Fundraising Committee. He and his family sponsor three of the sanctuary’s Jaguars.  


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